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Our passion has built our reputation as top concreters in the area by delivering high-quality concrete products for our customers. For the past decade, we have shown consistency in delivering excellent concreting services in Frankston and the surrounding suburbs, where we have come to be known as one of the most reliable concrete contractors in the area.

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Expert Concreters Provide Outstanding Results

Reliable and Dedicated Concreting Company for Your Next Construction Project

We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients by displaying a duty of care for each project we undertake. Our passion for quality results is what has made FCC one of the leading local concreters in the area today. And we are proud to provide our services and know-how at affordable prices.

FCC’s mission is to offer competitive costs for residential and commercial concreting without skimping on quality. Our customers enjoy affordable concrete services which we provide, along with premium materials which ensure our installation is impeccable with incredible, durable results.








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Been concreters in Frankston is who we are, and we love doing it!

Frankston, an expansive waterfront area, dotted with tree-lined lawns, is an idyllic location on the eastern shoreline of Port Phillip, Frankston, 55 kilometres south of Melbourne. The picturesque Frankston Beach, with its soft sand and broad promenade, is a jewel in the Mornington Peninsula and has been a popular destination in Melbourne, Victoria, since the 1880s.

A privileged location for those lucky enough to own property here, the area is known for its laid back atmosphere and relaxing lifestyle.

It is essential to keep up with adding value to your property, such as upgrading driveways, paths and communal areas to concrete.

We’ve Been Building For Over 12 Years

When carrying out renovations, such as a driveway upgrade or improvements to your outdoor areas, you can consider concrete finishes to elevate your space. There are many options to choose from, such as coloured concrete, which can add style, luxury and appeal to the area for the enjoyment of your family and friends. 

Get in touch with us if you are interested in discussing ways to increase your property value with the design and installation of a variety of concrete pavers. Our upgrades will not only make your property more attractive to you but also add resale value in the future when you decide to sell your property.

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Concreting Specialist for your next project!

It doesn’t matter when, where or what your next project is; however, the tradies you choose do matter. It’s crucial to find an experienced construction company with know-how in laying coloured and plain concrete driveways, exposed aggregate, pathways and the expertise to carry out work on your property. 

Trust Us To Make the Right Decisions

You can trust us to help you make the right decisions when laying down the appropriate concrete according to the landscaping needs of your area while ensuring you achieve the desired result. Together we can come up with the best option for you while also being transparent regarding upfront costs to avoid nasty surprises later on. Building materials, concrete type and all other details will be finetuned before the project begins. 

We Complete the Project on Time

Our team works efficiently and can provide you with a time frame for the project, including a deadline for completion. As reputable concrete pavers, we are willing to seal the deal with a contract before the start of any project so that everything is agreed on upfront. That way you know exactly what you are getting without hidden costs appearing later down the track.

With us, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible service at very competitive concrete costs which will help stretch your budget.

Our Concreting Services

Are you ready to transform your space by upgrading and redesigning your driveways, paths, decks, pergolas or outdoor areas for your residential or commercial needs? You’ve come to the right place because FCC offers a wide range of services. We’re the right team for you! 

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Concrete Driveways
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Concrete Polishing
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Concrete Sealing
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Concrete Cutting
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Concrete Resurfacing
Concrete Flooring Frankston
Concrete Flooring
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Concrete Grinding

Concrete Finishes We Offer

No matter what your taste or budget, you’ll find a selection of finishes, colours and designs to suit your needs.

Exposed Aggregate

A popular choice for driveway finishes, exposed aggregate has a modern, premium and versatile appearance, with coloured and textured aggregate depending on the look you wish to achieve and the landscaping needs of your home.

Concrete Slab

Our professional concreters will help you choose from the variety of concrete slabs available which provide great thermal comfort. Easy to install, we can insulate these on both edges to significantly reduce surface heat.

Permeable Concrete

A mix of cement, rough aggregates and water, with little to no sand which gives this type of concrete a porous structure which allows water to permeate. The durability of this type of concrete is extended thanks to the large volume of interconnected voids.

Reinforced Concrete

It is no coincidence that this type of material is used widely in residential and commercial projects in the construction industry due to its desirable mechanical properties. 

Stamped Concrete

You can choose from an array of patterns resembling tiles, brickwork or random designs, by using stamps, you can add creativity to your space.

Stenciled Concrete

The technique of spraying overlays that goes with plastic, paper and other stencils allowing the creation of custom design, intricate borders, and logos. 

Plain Concrete

Use plain concrete as a material for a simple, inexpensive way to maintain and upgrade your outdoor area.

Coloured Concrete

Long-lasting, high-quality material, with a variety of colours to choose from. 

Why Choose Us?

For the past decade, FCC has worked consistently hard to gain a reputation as a concrete business known to create exquisite work. All this is possible because of our highly skilled and competent concrete pavers. With years of experience under their belt, they are ready to help you in any project you desire from creating a new entertainment area in your backyard to increasing your home’s street appeal with an exterior upgrade. We can create a project to suit your unique style and vision while keeping your budget in mind. 

We’re your best option for a range of jobs. Come to us to upgrade your driveway and backyard, and we’ll put our vast experience and know-how to work in repairing cracking, discoloured, or scaling concrete. As experts, we know the best concrete mix for any driveway or surface which is guaranteed to last for as long as your home exists. Hire us for any project and rest assured that you’ve come to the right place for the best professionals in the concrete industry.

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FCC is keen to get to work on your next outdoor transformation. Come to us to discuss your option whether you need a driveway repair or wish to beautify the front of your home, backyard or garden area. We are available to hear about your project and would be excited to discuss different options based on your specific needs. Best of all, we are eager to deliver affordable results which exceed your expectations. 

FCC is excited to help you transform your outdoor space. Whether you are interested in driveway repair or want to upgrade your front yard, backyard, or garden, we are happy to hear about your specific needs and deliver results beyond your expectations.  

Call us for a no-obligation, free consultation and quote today.

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Client Reviews

“Frankston Concreting Crew did an amazing job installing a new driveway for us. Very transparent and we would recommend them to everyone we know! ”

Johnathan & Kim

“The guys helped me with fixing all of my concrete paths and on top of that created brick look with stamped concrete. I am very impressed! Thank you!

Geoff T.

“We called FCC to install a new garage concrete floor in our new shed at the back. They did an amazing job and very competitive prices too.”

Patricia L.

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