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What Is Coloured Concrete?

Coloured concrete is available in a wide variety of colours and is very good at withstanding wear and tear. Another significant advantage of coloured concrete is its massive variety of delicate, understated shades.

These offer a particularly attractive option for property owners as they are very good at complementing their immediate environment.

Popular shades of coloured concrete include terra cotta, brown and tan. These colours are excellent at permeating into the concrete thoroughly, making for an exceptionally attractive finish.

Aside from offering a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish to a variety of surfaces, coloured concrete also provides value for money. Not only that, but it can be used for a host of structures, including flooring, pavers, paths, facades, sea defences, skate parks and shopping centres.

Here at Frankston Concreting Crew, we can guarantee a consistent and vibrant hue because of our method of adding the coloured oxide to the concrete before we get to work laying it. For those interested in particularly intense colours, the option of colour-sealing driveways is also available.

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Our Coloured Concrete Services

With an array of varieties and sizes of decorative coloured concrete choices at your disposal, we can help you accomplish your goal of incredible results for a small cost. 


Households, patios and walkways


Flooring for both retail and manufacturing use


Cycling paths




Public spaces, airports, schools, sports venues 


Car parking spaces


Marine structure defences


Custom Artchiecture

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Completed Projects

Why Choose Coloured Concrete?

In comparison to other commonly used varieties of concrete, coloured concrete is outstanding at delivering vivid colours that can endure for many years. Plus, as well as looking great, it is also easy to look after and not susceptible to staining. It’s adaptable, too – it utilises a host of texturing practices to create individual or antique patterning. 

There is also no better concrete for covering up blemishes outside. While the light greys of commonly used concrete tend to be poor at hiding stains, from grass to spilt oil and grease, coloured concrete is far better at hiding driveway stains of that nature.

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Coloured Concrete Parking Garage Frankston 1
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Why Choose Frankston Concreting Crew?

If you want to smarten up your patio, driveway or footpath in Frankston or surrounding areas, look no further than us. Our business is the coloured concrete provider in the locality, and we have a wealth of expertise in the industry built up over the years.

We can revolutionise your driveway, footpath or any number of outdoor surfaces, bringing a classy and gratifying look that both you and your family can enjoy. We aim to produce driveways that are hard-wearing, look stunning and will last for ten years or longer. 

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It is for this reason that when we get to work laying a new surface, we are dedicated to ensuring it will look great for a long time. It is our pledge to you that you will also be left with a surface that is straightforward to look after and can cope with adverse weather.

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