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What is exposed aggregate concrete, and where is it used?

Exposed aggregate concrete is a process of decorative concrete laying in which the topmost layer of the cement mixture is stripped to showcase the aggregate covering below it. The technique is simple but gives a beautiful appearance to concrete surfaces.

Depending on the location, different concrete mixtures can be created using sand, gravel or quartzite. Each of these combinations will provide a differentiated look to the surface. 

The exposed aggregate concreting finish is cheaper and also much easier to install than other concrete finishes. The best part is that they look significantly better than other decorative concrete.

To create an exposed aggregate, the top layer of the cement mixture is laid to have a soft texture. This ensures that the concrete below the top layer hardens. Immediately after applying the concrete and aggregates on the surface, concreters spray a delaying agent to prevent the top layer from hardening.

Following this, the top surface is rinsed away with the help of a gardening hose which ultimately exposes the aggregate.

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Our Exposed Aggregate Concrete Services

Due to the long-lasting and anti-slippery characteristics of the finish, it is an excellent option for surfaces like:




Footpaths, Sidewalks and Walkways


Cycling Paths


Pool Decks




Car parking spaces


Patios and Decks


And Much More

The exposed aggregate finish can also be applied on walls and leaning surfaces. Popular vertical applications include building facades, sound barrier walls, decorative retaining walls and more.

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Advantages of Using Exposed Aggregate

Decorating surfaces by using granite, marble, and other similar tiles are expensive and time-consuming. But the same finish can also be given at a lower cost with the help of aggregate concrete.

Over the years, several different sizes and types of decorative aggregate have emerged that are helping to make surfaces look extravagant. The raw finish also ensures that surfaces are not prone to skids. All this can be achieved just by removing the top layer of the aggregate to expose the layer beneath it.

Nowadays, techniques like stencilling, decorative overlays and pattern stamping have become fashionable, but the original method of decoration which follows the process of exposing the aggregate has always been popular since the early 20th century. It still enjoys widespread application and doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. Modern decorative concrete contractors are finding innovative variations to enhance the application of this technique, thereby increasing its application. 

Exposed aggregate concreting offers many advantages:


When compared to other sorts of decorative concrete, the aggregate method is more manageable and also fast. A concrete finisher can rapidly achieve the desired look with this method.


In comparison to other methods, lower resources are required. Besides the concrete mixture, the only things needed are surface retardant (delaying agent), a watering hose and a sprinkler.


Protection from wear and tear is also an essential benefit of this method. The surface gets an anti-slippery finish.


Owing to the natural look, it also syncs well with other types of decorative concrete.


Has low maintenance needs with water cleaning and refilling of gaps the only requirements.

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Why Choose Frankston Concreting Crew?

We are a leading concreting service provider with experienced concreters and industry-standard equipment. If you are located in Frankston or surrounding areas, we can enhance your footpath, patio or driveway in no time.

With thousands of completed projects and years of service, there is hardly anyone else who can provide the services to create an exceptional quality exposed aggregate concrete finish on your property in Frankston.

Our services will elevate your pathway, driveway and other outdoor set-ups to give it a fascinating appeal. We can produce a driveway that looks breath-taking and lasts for years to come.

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The professional methods of FCC are aimed at making the new surface look spectacular and can also strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. The surfaces we lay will have also have minimal maintenance needs. There is nothing that you need to worry about when you call us to lay a new surface. We have the right people and the appropriate tools to give you precisely what you need – a special place to stay! Based on your needs, we can install different types of concrete at your property and increase the appeal of the whole area.

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