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What is stencilled concrete, and how is it used?

Stencilled or so-called patterned concrete is often confused with stamped concrete. Stencilling is the process of adding paper to the concrete, while stamped concrete requires polyurethane forms to stamp the image.

Decorative concrete provides your patio, walkway, and driveway with the look of real pavers, stones, bricks, or tiles without the messy and expensive work of laying down these elements by hand.

The main difference between stencilled and stamped concrete is in the pattern. Stencilled concrete means that spray-down overlays work ideally with plastic stencils allowing the creation of custom design, intricate borders, and logos.

Stencilled is not the same as stamped concrete, although the process is very similar at first glance. One of the main advantages of stencilled concrete over other types of concrete is that stencilling is way faster and larger areas can be covered so quickly.

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Our Stencil Concreting Services

Increase the curb appeal of your property at most affordable prices with our stencil concrete service, which offers different types and patterns of the most popular stencil concrete.


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Why using stencilled concrete may be the best option

Stencilled concrete is an ideal alternative option for decorative stamping while having similar design flexibility. Let’s take a closer insight into some of the main advantages.

If you are looking for a hand-laid brick design and you have a large area to cover, then stencilled concrete is an ideal option for you. Once the project is done, you will be amazed by the similarity between stencilled concrete and original bricks.

Our technicians are licensed and experienced contractors who know that stencils are disposable, which makes it a perfect (cheap) choice for you as a homeowner. This means we can offer you a pattern of your choice and you don’t have to set aside money and invest in a new set of expensive tools. As we mentioned in the very beginning, the whole process takes half the time, and it is a suitable solution for inclined driveways since the entire project can be done in one single pour.

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Many Types of Stencil Concrete Patterns

Stencils for concrete can be found in many different patterns ranging from slate and tile, stone, to running-bond brick. They come in rolls that look similar to wrapping paper. You can choose between various sizes and patterns, and all of them are covered with a weather-resistant coating.

Stencilled concrete comes in patters like a replicate of brick, flagstone, cobblestone, slate, and tile. Also, to fit it in the architectural style of your property and landscaping, you can pick a variety of borders, rosettes, and shaped accents. One of the most popular patterns among homeowners is the pattern that mimics the bricks look because of its authentic look.

Homeowners who are looking to upgrade any part of their property should consider patterned concrete. Along with choosing the pattern that works for you, the key to getting what you need is to hire professional contractors who know what they are doing – like us! You want to have complete peace of mind, not throwing away your money. We truly understand that you don’t want to end up scratching your head and wondering what happened. That’s why Frankston Concreting Crew is here – to professionally and by the highest industry standards lay down stencilled concrete. We are a reliable service that will complete your project and exceed all your expectations. We make your dream come true!

Why Choose Frankston Concreting Crew?

When it comes to driveway, patio, or footpath upgrading in Frankston or surrounding areas, we are able, ready, and willing to help you. Our core aim is to become the number one stencil concrete provider in this area.

With vast experience and knowledge, you can be completely assured that we will transform your property and landscaping into an attractive and eye-catching masterpiece.

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There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our concreting services; that’s why our crew is composed of a carefully selected specialist who will create a surface that lasts a lifetime.

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